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By contrast, they have to tolerate and pacify evil spirits, who are as unavoidable as illness and trouble, but whom they treat with contempt. These evil forces at times pollute and disturb everything: people, temples, houses, the whole organism of the island in general, are subject to critical moments, becoming weakened and unclean, and it is the office of their priests to cure this condition by neutralizing the evil forces, cleansing and strengthening the village or the individual thus defiled by spiritual sickness.

Thus, Balinese religion remains a colourful animist cult in which are interwoven the esoteric principles and philosophy o= Hinduism, but this condition is by no means limited to Bal: Javanese Hinduism was of this sort, and even in India we tm.: a parallel in the simultaneous worship of primitive demons, ancestors, and elements, belonging to the Dravidian lower classes. intermingled with the Brahmanic philosophy. To the Indian masses as with the Balinese, Siva and Vishnu may be dignified gods of a higher rank than the more accessible local deities, who remain, however, closer to the common people, perhaps because. like themselves, they are of a lower caste.

For the purpose of a general insight into the mechanics of Balinese religion we have prepared the following chart:

Evil, negative forces
The forces of the left produce the state of magic uncleanliness, weakening the soul power. A dangerous vibration called SEBEL, in human beings makes unholy ( TENGET Or ANGKER ) -that is, charged with dangerous vibrations - the places they frequent.

KALAS and BUTAS, producers of impurity and ill health, living in the low, unholy grounds like the sea, the beaches, the forests, and the crossroads. Symbols of malice, coarseness, failure, misfor-

Good, positive forces
As opposed to the state of SEBEL. the forces of the right produce the spiritual and physical health, cleanliness (ENING, SUTJI, NIRMALA), that can be developed by acquisition of magic power (SAKTI,WISESA) to resist the evil forces.

BATARAS 2nd SANGHYANG, but primarily the ancestral spirits (PITARA), sources of life and magic power, dwelling on mountain tops, at the origin of the rivers and lakes.

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